92 units 74th Street. Max 14 September 2022
Gilles L. Tremblay
EQIP Solutions
Mechanical & Electrical
EQIP Solutions

Multi-Residential Construction Project

Built to the highest industry standards, this multi-residential building is an impressive and aesthetically pleasing structure. It stands on 74th Street, offering 92 comfortable units spread across 6 floors. Each of these units is designed with particular attention to detail, to ensure absolute comfort and a sense of well-being for its residents.


New construction project in Charlesbourg. constructed by Construction Citadelle

The project

In summary, the six-story, 92-unit multi-residential building located on 74th Street is a superior quality building built to the highest industry standards. It offers comfortable and well-designed apartments, quality common amenities, and enhanced security for residents. It is an ideal option for people looking for modern and quality housing in a central location.

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