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50 years of expertise and know-how in commercial construction

Citadelle Construction is trusted year after year with many commercial construction projects. No matter the scale of the commercial project you entrust to our experts, we will be able to carry it out to the highest standards. Our company has already built several buildings in various areas.


Commercial Construction


Commercial Construction


Commercial Construction

We help our clients build their
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Citadelle Construction is recognized for its expertise in commercial construction. For years, we have been chosen to successfully undertake large-scale projects. Whether you entrust us with a small or large commercial construction project, you can be sure that our construction experts will be able to complete it to the highest standards. We have already completed many commercial projects in various sectors, with expertise in building construction of all types. We are proud of our ability to meet deadlines, budgets and quality requirements, while adhering to the highest standards.


The construction of a daycare requires special attention to many details. The safety of children and educators is our top priority. We are committed to considering all aspects of safety to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all users.

At Citadelle Construction, we are proud to be experts in the construction of daycare centers. With many successful projects completed, we have solid experience in this field. We are able to understand the specific needs related to the construction of daycare centers, including the safety standards in force in Quebec and quality standards, to ensure a functional, aesthetic and safe building. We are proud of our ability to meet deadlines, budgets and quality requirements.


The construction of a restaurant or hotel requires special expertise to create a building that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. With solid experience in the field of hotel and restaurants, the Construction Citadelle team is equipped with the knowledge necessary to successfully complete your construction projects. We understand the technical requirements associated with these types of buildings and we are committed to meeting quality and safety standards to create a comfortable environment for users and customers. We are dedicated to understanding and fulfilling your specific needs and desires in order to create a structure that exceeds your expectations.

We count among our clients:

Capitole de Québec
Tim Horton
Le Boudoir
Rôtisserie Benny
Cosmos Café
Rôtisserie Fusée
Bâton Rouge
Mont Citadelle


The construction of a retail store must be designed to meet the needs and expectations of your customers. At Construction Citadelle, we understand the importance of a functional, aesthetic and welcoming building for all types of retail stores, whether it is a pharmacy, a sports store, a clothing store or a department store. We put our expertise in construction and renovation at your disposal to ensure that your business meets all quality, safety and functionality criteria. We are also able to provide innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of your business and meet market demands in terms of retail trade. We are committed to meeting deadlines, budgets, and quality requirements to build a retail store that will meet the expectations of your customers.

We count among our clients:

JD Chrysler-Fiat
Medical center Berger
Meubles L.Blouin
Imprimerie CCL
ADM Sport
Microbrasserie Charlevoix
Huiles Simon Giguère
Salon Funéraire Wilbrod Robert
Coopérative funéraire La Seigneurie