Multi-Residential Construction Max 31 May 2022
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Multi-Residential Construction

Construction Citadelle is a leader in Quebec City in multi-residential construction. Our know-how and expertise allow us to build buildings from 2 to several hundred units. Entrusting the management and construction of your project to Construction Citadelle ensures that your multi-residential project will be completed on time, within the specified deadlines, and most importantly, within the planned costs!

Multi-residential construction


Multi-Residential Construction


We help our clients build their

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At Construction Citadelle, we are proud to be leaders in Quebec City in multi-residential construction. With our expertise in construction, we are able to build multi-unit residential buildings ranging from 2 to several hundred units. We specialize in innovative projects, with a special attention to detail. We know that the construction of a multi-residential project is a major challenge, which is why we put all our know-how and experience into offering you efficient management and superior quality construction.

By choosing Construction Citadelle for your multi-residential project, you are guaranteed to complete your project on time and within the planned costs, but also to benefit from professional support throughout your project. Don’t hesitate to invite us to bid on your multi-residential construction project, we would be delighted to show you what our team can do for you!

Large scale

Construction Citadelle is the undisputed leader in multi-residential construction in Quebec. We understand that building a large-scale project can be a challenge for developers and investors, which is why we put our expertise and know-how at your disposal to ensure professional management and comprehensive support.

We specialize in delivering innovative projects, while meeting the deadlines and costs, and most importantly, adhering to the highest standards in the multi-residential construction industry. Entrust your project to Construction Citadelle and obtain a turnkey project of superior quality. We have extensive experience in multi-residential construction and are ready to help you with your large-scale project.

Small scale

You have a small-scale multi-unit residential construction project but lack the knowledge to carry it out? Let Construction Citadelle accompany you in the realization of your project. We specialize in small-scale projects, meeting the highest industry standards.

Our experienced team assures you of professional management, superior construction quality, and complete support throughout your project. We understand that the success of your real estate investment is important to you, which is why we make every effort to offer you a turnkey construction, meeting your needs and expectations.