Eaux-Vives School (La Malbaie) Max 24 August 2023
RDL+ Groupe/A
CSS de Charlevoix

Complete reconstruction of the school

The new Félix-Antoine-Savard School, now named Eaux-Vives School, will be one of the first schools of this type in Quebec. Unique in its kind and composed of 27 classrooms, this school will allow children to grow and learn in the best conditions, emphasizing an innovative vision of education.


Designed with a progressive vision and oriented towards the future of education, Eaux-Vives School stands out with spacious classrooms, offering one and a half times more area than typical rooms, and facilities such as an agora and a motor skills room. The integration of the existing gymnasium into the new construction reflects a holistic approach to design.


The project

Beyond its architecture, this school will promote the increase in a sense of belonging and student motivation, by meeting their educational and socialization needs. The collaboration between municipal and school infrastructures, linked to the expansion of the hospital center, will benefit the students and the community of La Malbaie. This project, rich in partnerships and a symbol of community mobilization, illustrates a new path for the future of education in Quebec.

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