CDBQ – La Pocatière Max 14 October 2022
NCUBE Architecture
Laplante Saucier
Mechanical & Electrical
Meconair Group

Institutionnal construction project.

The expansion project of the CDBQ in La Pocatière was intended to allow the establishment of a laboratory-school. Its laboratories aim to train new micro-distillers and micro-brewers of different types of alcohol.


Whether you want to develop products for the general public, explore functional foods, add value to your co-products or start a food processing business, the CDBQ has the know-how, facilities and specialized equipment you need to ensure the success of your project!

The project

Several challenges were presented to us during the realization of this project since it was necessary to work in the existing building in addition to respecting the highest standards of salubrity of the MAPAQ.

Finally, this laboratory also had to meet the same standards as the medical laboratories in order to comply with the various established standards.

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