Fire Station – Beauport Max 23 September 2022
SNC Lavalin
Mechanical & Electrical

Institutional construction project for the City of Quebec

This project is part of an initiative to restructure Quebec City’s fire protection services. This fire station is the first in a series that will accommodate between 6 and 8 firefighters, and will include bedrooms, a kitchen, a lounge, a dining room, a gymnasium and technical facilities. Future fire stations will respect the principles of sustainable development and could be LEED-certified.


Nobilis Award Winner 2008 Commercial and Institutional Project

The project

The structure of the Beauport fire station is divided into three main sections, each linked to a different function. The garage, with its glass facade and large openings, provides a clear view of the emergency vehicles and firefighters in action, while offering natural lighting. The second space houses technical areas such as the pipe half-tower and support rooms, and is a modern version of the old pipe tower. Finally, the third space houses the living areas, opening onto an inner courtyard connected to the kitchen, dining room and gymnasium. The materials used for the latter space offer an interplay of opacity and translucence, reinforced by the transparency of the courtyard.

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