What are the roles and tasks of a construction estimator working for a general contractor in Quebec? Max 3 May 2023
Tasks Challenges. Issues

Construction estimator

The construction estimator plays a key role in the success of a construction project. This expert is responsible for evaluating the costs associated with materials, labor, and equipment to estimate the budget needed to complete a project. In this article, we explain the tasks, challenges, and issues that construction estimators must face on a daily basis.


  • Analysis of plans and specifications: The estimator carefully studies the plans and specifications of each project to accurately evaluate the costs associated with its completion.
  • Tender searching: The estimator keeps abreast of interesting tenders for their company by consulting public and private tender systems.
  • Estimation des coûts : Il évalue les coûts en main-d’œuvre, matériaux et sous-traitants pour chaque projet, en se basant sur les informations recueillies lors de l’analyse des plans et devis.
  • Negotiation with suppliers and subcontractors: The estimator assists project managers in negotiating contracts with suppliers and subcontractors to obtain the best possible prices and conditions.
  • Preparation of bids: The estimator prepares bids for tenders by compiling, verifying, and itemizing the estimated costs.
  • Follow-up of results: Once bids are submitted, the estimator monitors the results and participates in the planning of awarded projects.
  • Ensuring complete knowledge transfer to project managers for the completion of the building.

Challenges faced by construction estimators.

Accuracy of estimations

Estimators must provide accurate estimates to avoid cost overruns during project execution. Therefore, they must be particularly attentive to details and be rigorous in their work.

Time management

Estimators often have to juggle multiple projects at once and meet tight deadlines, which requires excellent organization and good time management skills.


Estimators must master the art of negotiation to assist project managers in obtaining the best prices and conditions from suppliers and subcontractors.

Issues in the construction estimator profession

  • Maintaining project profitability: The estimator must ensure, in collaboration with project managers, that projects are completed within the expected costs to ensure the profitability of the company.
  • Adapting to new technologies: Estimators must constantly adapt to technological advances in the construction industry to use the most efficient tools for their work.
  • Continuing education: To stay up-to-date on market trends and innovations in their field, estimators must regularly undergo training and stay informed about new developments.

In conclusion, the construction estimator profession is a key position in the completion of a construction project, requiring rigor, precision, and adaptability. Estimators must face several challenges, including time management, negotiation with suppliers and subcontractors, and adaptation to new technologies. They are also faced with significant challenges, such as maintaining project profitability and the need for continuous training.

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