Using the Fast-Track method to optimize your construction projects? Max 20 April 2023
Project management


The fast-track method is a construction project management technique that aims to reduce timelines by overlapping the design and construction phases. As a result, construction work begins before the plans and specifications are fully finalized.

Fast-track is often associated with contracts such as Project Management and Design-Build. This approach offers considerable advantages in terms of speed and flexibility.

General Contractor


This model integrates design and construction within the same team, facilitating collaboration and coordination among the client, the general contractor, the project designer, and other stakeholders. This approach allows for optimized timelines and better cost control.

Construction management.

In this model, a project manager is responsible for coordinating and supervising all the work. They act as the owner’s agent and work closely with various contractors and subcontractors. Construction project management allows for better risk management and greater flexibility in project execution.

Role and responsibilities of a general contractor in construction?

Reduction of completion time.
By overlapping the design and construction phases, projects can be completed more quickly. This reduction in completion time is particularly beneficial for projects where meeting deadlines is essential.

Flexibility and adaptability
The fast-track method allows for greater flexibility to adapt to market fluctuations, such as changes in material prices, supply chain issues, or regulatory changes. Construction management contracts and cost-plus contracts, often associated with the fast-track method, offer this adaptability.

Optimization of resources
In some cases, such as projects where resources are limited or difficult to obtain, the fast-track method can facilitate the management of human and material resources by allowing for more efficient planning and allocation.

Increased collaboration
The fast-track method promotes closer collaboration among the various stakeholders in the project, including owners, designers, contractors, and project managers. This collaboration can improve communication and decision-making throughout the construction process.

In conclusion, the fast-track method in construction is an effective approach to reduce completion time, optimize resources, and improve collaboration among stakeholders. By choosing appropriate models, such as Design-Build and Construction Management, projects can benefit from greater flexibility and adaptability to market challenges. However, it is crucial to evaluate the associated risks and carefully weigh the pros and cons before opting for this approach.

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