Project Management – A proven method in construction Max 3 March 2023

The method design-construction

The Key to a Successful Multi-Residential Project?

Project management in construction in Quebec can be achieved through the option of project management. This option offers more flexibility to the client by allowing changes along the way regarding certain aspects of the initial plans. It is governed by the Project Management Contract (CCGP) of the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC).

Effective Cost Management

The CCGP provides more latitude to the client in terms of cost control and allows the project to start more quickly without complete design documents. It is ideal when the contractor cannot commit to a fixed price to perform the work. Unlike other construction contracts, the CCGP does not set a fixed price for the execution of the work. Instead, the client reimburses all expenses to the contractor, plus a predetermined markup on costs.

Collaborative approach:

This collaborative approach helps to optimize the project’s timelines and the quality/price ratio. By working closely with professionals, the client can ensure that the project meets their needs and expectations. Professionals can use their expertise to advise the client on the most effective design choices, materials, and construction methods.

Accelerated Regime:

There are many advantages to this option. The client can benefit from cost savings compared to the initial quote, by taking advantage of savings achieved through negotiations with subcontractors and suppliers. Savings can also be achieved if a project is completed in a shorter time than expected, and if changes are made regarding the choice of materials and other supplies. Collaborative work also ensures full transparency of costs incurred, through the sharing of all copies of invoices related to the project.

In conclusion, project management is an interesting option for project management in construction in Quebec. It offers greater flexibility in terms of cost control and planning, while allowing for close collaboration between professionals and clients. The CCGP is therefore an effective approach for project management in construction in Quebec.

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